Aberdeen Global Premier Properties Fund (NYSE: AWP)

Aims to provide capital appreciation and current income through global real estate securities.

Key Facts

Ticker symbol AWP (NYSE)

Net assets** $550.5 Million

* as of 10/31/2018
** as of 01/31/2019

Shares outstanding** 85,407,951

Fiscal year ended October 31

Gross expense ratio* 1.16%

Net expense ratio* 1.17%

Risk Considerations

International investing entails special risk considerations, including currency fluctuations, lower liquidity, economic and political risks, and differences in accounting methods; these risks are generally heightened for emerging market investments. Equity stocks of small and mid-cap companies carry greater risk, and more volatility than equity stocks of larger, more established companies. Dividends are not guaranteed and a company’s future ability to pay dividends may be limited. The use of leverage will also increase market exposure and magnify risk. Because the real estate funds concentrate their investments in the real estate industry, the portfolio may experience more volatility and be exposed to greater risk than the portfolios of many other mutual funds. Risks associated with investment in securities of companies in the real estate industry may include: declines in the value of real estate, overbuilding and increased competition; increases in property taxes and operating expenses; changes in zoning laws; casualty or condemnation losses; variations in rental income, neighborhood values, changes in interest rates and changes in economic conditions.